Did you really visit Lisbon without experiencing the city riding a Tuk Tuk?

You read that correctly! Lisbon has tuk tuks, just like the ones in Thailand - apparently, someone was inspired by the three-wheel "cart" while on their vacation in Thailand and decided to bring it to Lisbon and make it a business - as so explained by our tour guide. The tuk tuks are able to weave in and out to incredibly narrow alleyways, where most vehicles can't. You truly get an authentic sense of commuting as a local and find shortcuts and "secret" passages of various landmarks.


In order to soak in as much as we could in a four-day trip, we sought out local tours and experiences through Viator. Luckily, we were able to book a tuk tuk tour through the city followed by cooking class (to make pastéis, of course!) 

Tuk tuk tour of the city

Lisbon is a city heavy with history - the tuk tuk allowed for a "closer" and more "personal" look of the sites, seeing as there are no doors. They also didn't seem to have any limitations in parking. Our tour guide stopped in the middle of streets to let us out and take a quick photo of historic landmarks. Not sure if they're really permitted to park anywhere, anytime...it is beneficial for tourists; though I'm sure the locals hate it!

Preceding an hour tuk tuk ride, we were brought back for our cooking class at Cook and Corks with Ana. It was true Portuguese culinary experience with tasting and leftovers to take home! She taught us how to make those delicious pastéis. Unfortunately, I have yet to make them since this trip - I should really make a note to get to it! Thankfully, it's not that complicated of a recipe. 

With our breakfast and sightseeing done and accounted for, it was time to head home to get ready for the wedding.

Making of fresh pastéis

The wedding took place at Igreja da Memória with a reception at Estufa Real, adjacent to Jardim Botânico d'Ajuda.

It was our first wedding as newlyweds, let me rephrase that  - super newlyweds - seeing as we just got married 2 weeks prior! I guess you could say this was our pre-honeymoon? Additionally, it was our first "destination" wedding. Igreja da Memória was a gorgeous baroque church, built in the 18th century. We arrived quite early and found out there was access to the rooftop to soak in the city views, naturally, there was a photoshoot. Here's the evidence:

Pre-ceremony shoot

Clearly, we should have brought a tripod so all 5 of us could be in one photo together. The one aspect of our wedding we lacked was confetti throwing! It was something I always dreamt of, I'll blame it on all the rom-coms I watch shamelessly. In Europe it's a very common send-off, yet in Canada, it's forbidden due to the clean up post confetti toss...I'm assuming?

Directly after mass, we headed to the reception space on foot! Let me tell you, slippery limestone streets are not a girl's best friend when you're in stilettos. According to Google maps, it was only 7-minute walk - there was no mention of it being an uphill climb. Granted, we could have hailed for a cab and gotten there comfortably within 2-minutes, but we felt guilty while the other guests were walking. 

The event space was romantically lit with fairy lights surrounding the outdoor area. The botanical garden was in clear sight and accessible to guests. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres were in abundance. Gavin, Keith and I stayed together since we didn't really know other guests besides our parents and parents of the bride. Like clockwork, there was a second photoshoot with the three of us.

It was an experience to have attended a wedding across the ocean - gave me an idea of possibly celebrating our 10th anniversary complete with vow renewals in Europe! Thoughts?