A new year. 

A new start.

We all thought wrong. If you're like me, I assumed as the new year rolled around we'd get a restart and revert to "normalcy". Unfortunately, it didn't in Ontario. We were placed on a state-of-emergency as of December 26 and the holidays were just not the same. It didn't feel like the Christmas season at all. New Years Eve didn't carry on the same excitement and anticipation as of previous years. Fast forward a few months into 2021; it was a continuous downhill stretch with on and off lockdowns, a slow rollout of vaccines and contradictory restrictions. 

Regrettably, Gavin's birthday (somehow) always falls at the start of a new lockdown cycle. Another birthday, another lockdown. 

If you didn't know this about me, I loveeee birthdays. I truly don't understand those who don't want to celebrate the day they've graced us with their presence?! I also loveeee planning and planning events! Needless to say, I wanted to change up the ambience for Gavin's birthday seeing as it will be a celebration at home. It also happens to be his 2nd birthday in lockdown; he wasn't as enthused knowing we couldn't celebrate it like we used to with a larger group of loved ones. His birthday in 2020 was peak of quarantine, where we were still trying to navigate ourselves through a new norm. 

His birthday fell on Monday, so I decided to start celebrating the Friday prior and make a whole weekend of it. My vision was just to add something simple that altered our home and transport him into a different venue, per se. I filled our dining room with ceiling balloons, scattered photos and polaroids across the table, prepared a glass of his favourite scotch and made mini basque cheesecakes.


Balloons courtesy of Aliya of Sweet Accents. If you're ever looking a celebration stylist, get in touch with her! She knows how to hone in on your vision and is a gem to work with.

After a long day of work, both at his full-time role and part-time entrepreneurship, he came home overwhelmed to this surprise. In all honesty, it was tough not to blurt out my plans, because I was just too excited! It's difficult to accurately describe the pure joy you see on your husband's face, so we tried to document it by learning how to create Reels via Instagram. We're quite proud of how our first reel turned out; it made us feel very much on trend. We spent the rest of his birthday weekend celebrating indulging in his favourite food and dessert, playing board games, going for walks (of course, due to covid restrictions) and ended up creating 2 more reels! A birthday picnic was planned but the weather was just not cooperating, we kept having to postpone it.

On the day of his actual birthday, there happened to be a massive nationwide phone service outage! Gavin woke up to zero messages and phone calls! Can you imagine how that must have felt?! On top of another birthday in lockdown? Thankfully it wasn't the internet/wifi that got disrupted, so we were able to find out about the phone outage. A little while later, (video) calls came through other messagings apps that were data based. His birthday cake was a piñata cake - at least he was able to release some of the morning's stress by going Thor on a cake! If you're looking for piñata cakes for any occasion, check out Edible Piñatas!

The rest of the afternoon were spent at our front door, as friends and family dropped by to greet him in person. It was a great way to cap off his birthday by being surrounded by loved ones; even at 6ft distance and air hugs + kisses.