HONEYMOON EDIT: Chuffed to bits

"I'm chuffed to bits!"

British slang meaning feeling happy or pleased about something. Used in a sentence: "I'm chuffed to bits we get to spend another day in London!"

Another day, another 20,000+ steps! Here's a summary of our second day taking in the city's charm.


-a later start; it was tougher to get up and going from our long day prior

-breakfast at the hotel + double dose of caffeine

-take tube to Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club (we aren't huge football fans, but it was so close to our hotel that it didn't hurt to just pop by) 

-take tube to Harrods (felt so nostalgic returning for a second time)

*practiced self-restraint and did not leave with a Loewe puzzle bag

-got a small treat and more caffeine from EL&N


-we decided to try out Big Bus Tours to get us around the city and hit the major tourists spots (essentially a hop on, hop off situation)

-walked through Green Park before making our stop at Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen 

-visited the Buckingham Palace Shop (sadly, we missed the Changing of the Guards)

-returned back on the bus; traffic was heavy seeing as it was rush hour. We still had a few stops before we reached our desired destination but were famished! Only 2 stops in, there was a Shake Shack sighting! We rang for a stop and quickly got off. I know what you're thinking, there are a billion other restaurants to have a proper meal, why choose fast food? Answer: we don't have it in Canada! 


-hopped off at the last stop which happened to be close to Waterloo station; it's a central London terminus on the National Rail network. Needless to say, it was huge and extremely busy! It practically had a mall attached to it

-took the tube to Piccadilly Circus (it isn't actually a circus, as Gavin thought it was). Essentially is a central hub for shopping, theatres and restaurants

-naturally, we stopped at Uniqlo because I thought I didn't have enough socks and needed a warmer jacket!

After exhausting our feet, we rewarded ourselves with a nap on the tube. 

We returned to our hotel, packed and were ready to say, 'Cheerio, London!'


Tomorrow, off to Amsterdam.