Bienvenue à Paris!

I've been to Paris, the City of Lights twice. Though, never with my husband...until now! 

Paris was our last stop in our honeymoon and we were able to celebrate New Year's Eve! You read that correctly! We rung in 2020 in Paris! It was truly the highlight of our 3 days there.

We arrived in Paris on New Years Eve, around 5pm. Straight to our hotel to unwind a bit and refresh before strolling the city. Our first stop, was obviously find a restaurant for dinner! Being that it was New Years Eve, a lot of restaurants were full! Thankfully we found one on Avenue de Suffren called Le Bailli de Suffren. Bonus*: it was a very short walk to the Eiffel Tower! We asked to be seated outdoors, to experience French culture of eating outside, even during the winter months. I think maybe because European winter temperatures doesn't drop down into -35C! 


Awaiting our first French dinner

Le Bailli de Suffren, Paris 2019

Dinner was in the company of 2 friends we met while on our honeymoon; their presence made a great addition to our trip! We were able to share our lives and create new memories with them. What better way to ring in the new year with new friends?! Dinner was filled with amazing conversation, laughs, wine and of course, escargot! You can't be in France and not eat their staple hors d'oeuvres or scrumptious desserts.

Post-dinner was time for exploring and walking off the calories from dinner. The night was young and we had about 3 hours before the end of 2019. Coincidentally, the restaurant happened to be on a street that had a great photo op of the Eiffel Tower. We were able to get in beautiful shots of the tower, lit up in all its glory. We continued our walk towards l'arc de triomphe, where the new year celebrations were going to be held. 

The streets of Paris aren't laid out in a grid format; getting around isn't quite as simple as following one street and turning onto another one. We did lose our way a bit, but in the company of good people - it just adds to the adventure.

Escargot as starters

Molten lava cake to finish


Upon doing research about NYE celebrations in Paris, articles stated there's at least 200,000 revellers descend into the city to witness the light show and lavish fireworks. With this in mind, I was also a bit weary of possible riots or protests that might erupt, since they were quite prominent earlier in the year.  As we walked and tried to narrow down where to settle before the countdown, each street was guarded with police and SWAT. They made me both nervous and safe at the same time. They had each avenue barricaded about a block or so away from the centre of the Arc, to ensure the safety of the monument. 

L'arc de triomphe is situated in the centre of a roundabout with 12 avenues leading out of it, representing a star. Essentially, all 12 avenues will lead you to the Arc. We walked to a few of the avenues to try and get the best view. Thankfully, the street we were on - Avenue Marceau - didn't have a huge crowd and we were able to stand unobstructed. 

The light show started at 11:30pm and a countdown was projected onto the arc. The fireworks lasted about 10 minutes and they are lavish! I didn't expect anything less from NYE IN PARIS! It was an absolute dream to ring in 2020 with the Parisian locals and of course, non-locals like us. We actually met another couple from Minnesota while waiting - we found out they got engaged the night before! 

As we relished in the first few minutes of the new year, we walked back towards the Eiffel Tower and continued to bask in the high of the city. Everyone we came across greeted you a happy new year - bonne année!  


Great photo spot

Rue de Buenos Aires


Ringing in 2020

Avenue Marceau

Paris is already a beautiful city. Celebrating NYE just takes it to a whole new level. It was so incredible to welcome 2020 with my husband! Starting off our marriage by travelling together and spending quality time touring different countries in Europe is something we will never take for granted or forget! Our honeymoon was filled with many stories we will always be sharing in our lifetime. 


Bonne année with new friends

Paris, France 2020