Full of energy and vigour, we were ready for a full day of London adventures!

Even if it was a cold and rainy Friday, we didn't let the weather dampen our spirits (it was expected, anyhow).


The night before, we picked the sights and studied the tube's map, so we didn't look like such lost sheep around the city. Seeing as pictures are worth a thousand words - here's a visual representation of a day in London. 


-wet + dreary London

-morning walk around Fulham neighbourhood

-take tube to breakfast at The Table Café


-breakfast at The Table Café

-explore Southwark neighbourhood

-walk to Tate Modern.


-more walking = more exploring

-walked along the River Thames

-enjoyed the London skyline (despite how gloomy it was)

-visited Shakespeare's Globe (if only we had time to take in a show!)

-stumbled upon an indoor Christmas market

-found a great spot for a photo shoot with Tower Bridge

-another Christmas market, (known as Christmas by the River) outdoors + snagged hot chocolate

*not pictured: being caught in torrential downpour with NO umbrella

found refuge in a nearby financial building (we thought it was a mall) - we were escorted out by security seeing as we didn't work there


-took the tube at London Bridge station

-explored Bermondsey neighbourhood

-coffee stop at Fuckoffee (insulting in name only)

-another (long) ride on the tube headed to London Eye

-caught in a second torrential downpour, walking through Jubilee Park + Garden

-met Brad Pitt while buying tickets to get on the London Eye 


-stopped at M&S food for some snacks

-last tube ride home

-realized we hadn't had proper meal since breakfast

-found a pub, The Goose, by our hotel for fish + chips

-crashed early; exhausted from 20,492 steps taken around the city

-goodnight lovely London, see you tomorrow!


London from above

London Eye, December 2019